City of Jeonju Welcomes the World to 2020 JIAPICH Online Ceremony!

Greetings from the Secretariat of 2020 Jeonju International Awards for Promoting Intangible Cultural Heritage (2020 JIAPICH). The 2020 JIAPICH Grand Prize is on its second annual year to discover exemplary cases of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) safeguarding activities throughout the world and to establish social solidarity and identity through ICH. It is our hope to develop ICH international communities. The inaugural JIAPICH ceremony was held in 2019 and saw 48 applications from 36 countries around the world. The 2020 JIAPICH accepted 39 applications from 27 countries. The geographical distribution of candidates is spread evenly across the 5 oceans and 6 major continents, and has earned a strong response from ICH actors around the world. The global ICH community is going through an arduous period in time during the pandemic crisis. It is getting worse for those practicing, safeguarding, and promoting ICH. It is thus meaningful that the citizens of Jeonju were able to raise funds at this time to help organizations or individuals who have had difficulty in continuously safeguarding and promoting ICH. Through this award, Jeonju City will continue to honor the achievements of those who have contributed greatly to the safeguarding and transmission of ICH. We want to be the lighthouse of hope for ICH holders, organizations, and recognize those that have been away from the spotlight.. The 2020 JIAPICH Online Ceremony will take place on Youtube. This year, awards will be given to ASAMA of Burkina Faso, IMPACTO of Mexico, and HIEU DUC VU of Vietnam, whom have set exemplary efforts in the transmission and safeguarding of ICH and contributed to the revitalization of their respected communities. I hope that all of you will join in cheering the hard work and determined spirits of the winners who have been working to protect and promote ICH. Director Hanhee Hahm ----------------------- Center for Intangible Culture Studies (CICS) Secretariat of the 2020 JIAPICH Homepage: http://www.jiapich.org, http://www.ichngo.net Address:285 Kwonsamdeuk-ro, Dukjin-gu, Jeonju city, Jeonbuk, Republic of Korea Tel: +82-63-277-4098 Fax: +82-63-277-4097

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Title City of Jeonju Welcomes the World to 2020 JIAPICH Online Ceremony!
Start Date 2020-09-18End Date 2020-09-18

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