Minutes of the Meeting of the Steering Committee held on 5 May 2021

1. • The Steering Committee will implement the following approach: review of the accredited<br><br>2. • The Steering Committee will provide a Monkey survey for approval next week and plans to<br><br>3. The Société Générale Bank in Paris has requested that the Steering Committee vote a resolution to<br><br>

2019 14COM Bogotá (INTERVENTION 14 December)

1. Let me first to address the issue of advisory functions that the Committee wishes accredited NGOs...

December 16, 2020

1. The Vice-Chair Jorge Gustavo Caicedo presents the main outlines of the report, which is available...

2019 JIAPICH Finalist- Contact Base of India

Secretary: Ananya Bhattacharya (Ms) Country: India NGO Region: Asia & the Pacific Main Domain: Traditional art, craft skills / revitalize ICH as a shared resource for community based creative enterprise. Art for Life (AFL) Contacts Address: 188/89, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata – 700045, India E-mail: ananya@banglanatak.com Website: www.banglanatak.com Tel: +91 9830173382 * About Contact Base Contact Base is a not for profit working under the trading style of banglanatak dot com. The organization was set up by social entrepreneurs working for inclusive and pro-poor development. Owing to rapid changes in lifestyle, much of our intangible cultural heritage is ...



  Call for Candidates for the Steering Committee Only for accredited NGOs


  2019 JIAPICH Finalist- Contact Base of India


  INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE for Sustainable Management of HISTORIC TOWNS in South Asia: Theory to Practice

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