New Paradigms in Rural Cultural Industries

Creative industries like craft collectives, village tourism, cultural festivals which support the tradition bearers and practitioners are threatened with challenges of decline in demand owing to factors like decline in tourist flows, less disposable income of consumers and restrictions in cultural and social gatherings. On June 18, 2020, UNESCO New Delhi in collaboration with banglanatak dot com is organizing its next webinar on ‘New Paradigms in Rural Cultural Industries’. The objectives of the webinar are to: • Raise awareness about the impact of COVID-19 on cultural and creative sector based on heritage skills in art and crafts including cultural tourism • Identify needs and challenges to be addressed through development of policies, programs and financial mechanisms aimed at empowering artists • Sharing voices of ICH Communities and experiences from different countries. The webinar will be from 4 pm to 5:30 pm. Panelists Ms. Junhi Han, Programme Specialist and Chief of Culture Sector, UNESCO New Delhi will open the discussion with a welcome note and share on ResiliArt. There will be five panelists representing creative and cultural sectors, tourism, and technology providers. The panelists are: • Mr. Tarun Bansal, CEO, Arya Niwas Hotel Chain, Rajasthan • Mr. Pankaj Manchanda, Founder and CEO, AUGTRAVELER • Dr. Debanjan Chakrabarti, Director, Eastern and North Eastern India, British Council India • Ms. Neelam Chhiber, Co-founder and Managing Trustee, Industree Foundation • Mr. Sanjoy Roy, Co-founder and Managing Director, Teamwork Arts The panel will be moderated by Ms. Ananya Bhattacharya, Director, banglanatak dot com. The debate will explore the following questions: • How has COVID-19 impacted demand for cultural products and services? • Will being ‘Vocal about Local’ open up new possibilities for communities practicing intangible cultural heritage? • How can digital technology offer new possibilities? • What are the pathways for de-risking existing business models? Online Link for the Webinar Audience registration to be done by clicking on the link: https://bit.ly/ResiliArtSouthAsia2.

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Title New Paradigms in Rural Cultural Industries
Start Date 2020-06-18End Date 2020-06-18

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