2020 JIAPICH Finalist- NGO Impacto of Mexico

NGO Impacto was created in order to reduce poverty and inequality in Mexico beginning with the state of Chiapas. The main focus is to increase incomes for people living in the communities of the Highlands of Chiapas. NGO Impacto work in economic sectors that are relevant to the local economy, as well as in priority areas like education, gender equity and social communication, in order to improve quality of life of the people living in these communities. Impacto creates the links between those who produce the goods and conscientious consumers, thus generating sustainable development in the state of Chiapas. The main objective of our Textile Program is to promote the integral development of the Mayan women artisans. To do this, we have a team specialized in different areas that facilitates human development, technical production and business development. IMPACTO is educating, creating awareness, and promoting the protection of intangible heritage of Mayan communities in Mexico. They are leading protocols that may help protect them, the Heritage, and they plan to reach the new governmental agencies to push for a change in law for the protection of collective rights starting 2019. Impacto is 2020 Jeonju International Awards for Promoting Intangible Cultural Heritage Finalist.


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Venue : MEXICO