2020 JIAPICH Finalist- Mr. Hieu Duc Vu, Director of Muong Cultural Space Museum of Vietnam

The Muong people is one of among 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam living in the mountains with a population of over one million people. With Mr. Vu's interest in the Muong culture, he founded the first private in Vietnam called Museum of Muong Cultural Space in 2007 in Hoa Binh province. The process of developing museum halls and exhibitions, and deploying the activities, Mr. Vu collaborated with representatives of the Muong practitioners to revitalize their intangible cultural elements and support their practices and performances. i) Mr. Vu created and developed this museum in close collaboration with the Muong people. He thus communicated with diverse agents such as Muong community people, experts, artists, NGOs, local and central government authorities. The funding resources for the creation and development of the museum come from his personal resources gained from the sales of his artistic works. ii) Mr. Vu’s principal objective in his activities of the museum has been to ensure the viability of the traditional cultures of Muong people. He thus has undertaken the activities related to identification, revitalization, transmission and education, promotion of ICH elements of Muong peoples. In order to allow him to undertake these activities, he has been very active in fund raising. iii) Thanks to the tireless efforts of Mr. Vu, many elements of ICH of Muong people, such as traditional housing, traditional performing arts, traditional cultural practices and traditional handicrafts have become sustainable. Mr. Hieu Duc Vu is 2020 Jeonju International Awards for Promoting Intangible Cultural Heritage Finalist.


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