Pre-14.COM and 14.COM programme, 7-13 December 2019

ICH NGO Forum: Pre-14.COM and 14.COM programme Bogotá, 7-13 December 2019 The programme of the activities of the ICH NGO Forum before and during the fourteenth session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (14.COM). Please confirm your participation by filling out the form which you can find on http://www.ichngoforum.org/pre-14-com-14-com-programme-bogota-7-13-december-2019/#/ as soon as possible, and no later than 30 November 2019. Saturday, 7 December: Capacity-building workshop Black Tower Premium Hotel (Av esperanza 43a 21) (Lunch and coffee/tea breaks hosted by the Kingdom of Sweden) 9:30-10 Plenary session: Introduction to the workshop 10-11:30 Group work Group A-C: newly accredited NGOs and newcomers to COM: Introducing the Convention, its key terms, and the role of NGOs in its implementation on national, regional and international levels Group A: English-speaking group, facilitator Naila Ceribašić Group B: French-speaking group, facilitator Jorijn Neyrinck Group C: Spanish-speaking group, facilitator TBA Group D: experienced NGOs: Workshop on advisory functions of accredited NGOs; facilitators Robert Baron and Butholezwe Kgosi Nyathi 11:30-11:45 Coffee/tea break 11:45-12:15 Plenary session: Group D reports back in plenary and discussion 12:15-14 Lunch break 14:00-15:00 Group work – six regional groups: Regional capacity-building needs, opportunities and challenges (in particular as regards developments following the last assessment of needs, opportunities and challenges at the CAP in Jeju in 2017); facilitators Meg Nömgård – NGOs in Electoral Group I; Kaloyan Nikolov – NGOs in Electoral Group II; Jorge Gustavo Caicedo – NGOs in Electoral Group III; Dong Hwan Choi – NGOs in Electoral Group IV; Emily Drania Drani – NGOs in Electoral Group V (a); Reme Sakr – NGOs in Electoral Group V (b) 15-15:45 Plenary session: Groups report back in plenary and discussion 15:45-16 Coffee/tea break 16-17:30 Presentation of the work of Colombian ICH NGOs, followed by discussion, moderator and interpreter (from Spanish to English) Martin Andrade Perez Evening: NGOs get-together with music and dance (place TBA) Sunday, 8 December: Symposium Agora Convention Centre (Ac. 24 #38-47) (Lunch hosted by the Republic of Singapore) 9:30-11 Topic 1: ICH in urban context: Cultural diversity and social cohesion, session prepared in partnership with the Republic of Singapore; moderators Albert van der Zeijden (on behalf of ICH NGO Forum) and Gerald Wee (on behalf of the Republic of Singapore) 11-11:30 Coffee/tea/photo break 11:30-13 Topic 2: Reform of the listing mechanism, moderator Hanna Schreiber 13-15 Lunch break 15-16:30 Topic 3: ICH NGO Forum Bylaws and ICH NGO Forum Code of conduct, discussion on the draft proposal prepared by the working group and the Steering Committee; moderator Naila Ceribašić Monday, 9 December c. 10 Address of ICH NGO Forum on its activities at the opening of 14.COM 13-14 Presentation of #HeritageAlive! 18-20 Presentation of candidates for the Steering Committee; Final discussion on the ICH NGO Forum Bylaws and ICH NGO Forum Code of conduct; Discussion on ICH NGO Forum Statement at 14.COM Tuesday, 10 December 13-14:30 Exchange of information about the activities and plans of ICH NGO Forum working groups and regional groups 18-19:30 Meeting of ICH NGO Forum Working group on ethics Wednesday, 11 December 13-14:30 Meeting of ICH NGO Forum Working group on research 18-19:30 General Meeting of the ICH NGO Forum (elections, adoption of the Bylaws and Code of conduct, other business) Thursday, 12 December 13-14:30 Meeting of #HeritageAlive! (TBC) Friday, 13 December 13-14:30 Reflection on debates and decisions at 14.COM in reference to ICH NGOs

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Title Pre-14.COM and 14.COM programme, 7-13 December 2019
Start Date 2019-12-07End Date 2019-12-13

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