DANCE AWARD SEASON 2020: Where you are the protagonist!

The Dance Grand Prix present the International Competitions and invite your dance school/group to compete and performing at the most prestigious "Art Cities Theatres" in Europe. "Barcelona Dance Award" in Spain from 9 to 13 April 2020 during Easter Spring Time. and "Dance Grand Prix Venice-Florence" in Italy from 22 to 26 June 2020 during Summer Time. To find out how to qualify, mail the office, so Directors should act right away for next Year! Unfortunately, in this year, space has been limited and many groups have failed to register, and we hope do not have this kind of problems, for your dance group, next 2020 editions! If you need, just in a few days you will receive (free on charges for you!) some advertising materials from us,the brochures and posters of the Dance Grand Prix 2020 Season, reply to this e.mail for request of info. our info email: eurodancebarcelona@gmail.com Full Name: ___________________________________________ School/Company Name: ________________________________ Email Address: ________________________________________* REQUIRED FIELD Shipping Address: _____________________________________ City: ____________________ State/Province: _____________ Country: ________________________ZIP/Postal: __________ Our web site: http://www.barcelonadance.org/

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Title DANCE AWARD SEASON 2020: Where you are the protagonist!
Start Date 2020-04-09End Date 2020-06-26

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Venue : SPAIN