Beer Culture in Belgium

Belgium and beer is synonymous as the culture holds high demand for it. Until the 1960s children eating lunch at school had the choice of beer (called table beer low in alcohol) as their drink. Consumption and demand for beer is a tradition and the range of different kinds of beer in Belgium is constantly growing. Although statistically Belgium has fewer breweries than that of some states in the US, Belgium has more diversity when it comes to beer styles and their brewing processes. There are some 1500 types of beer, all using different fermentation methods. Many local Belgian beers are brewed in micro-breweries. These beers having their own brands reach many locals who consume the beer with any kind of social gatherings or events. Master brewers will often teach courses in universities and other venues in order to help transmit their skills to aspiring brewers and amateurs alike. Beer culture in Belgium was inscribed in 2016 to the representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. References: ICH UNESCO, Wikipedia


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