The oldest sport in Ireland: Hurling

The oldest sports in Ireland is Hurling. It predates Christianity as there are records of it being played in 1200 BCE. This ancient game is some what unknown to the rest of the world. Hurling is a team sport that involves 15 players on each side, chase and try to score on the opponents’ goal with a ball known as Sliotar (leather covered cork centered ball). Much like sports that have two halves consisting of 25-35minute time frame, the team with the most goals win the match. Hurling resembles field hockey, lacrosse and soccer how it is played out. The sport promotes good health, wellbeing, and team spirit. Today Hurling is preserved and transmitted through coaching and games in schools and clubs. Hurling was inscribed in 2018 to the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. References: ICH UNESCO, WIKIPEDIA


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