2019 Jeonju International Awards Ceremony will be held in South Korea on September 27,2019

Event: 2019 Jeonju International Awards Ceremony for Promoting Intangible Cultural Heritage Date/Time: Friday, September 27th 2019/ 10:00- 16:10 Location: Jeonju Hanbyuk Performance Theater, Jeonju, South Korea *A registration will be done on the same day; all visitors are welcomed to attend the event and other programs. The first Jeonju International Awards has been elaborately prepared and the long-awaited awards ceremony will be held on September 27th in Jeonju, South Korea. The awards ceremony is also rich in programs. Opening this year for the first time, the awards had gained great positive feedback from around the world. Forty-eight applicants from 36 different countries applied for the awards. However, only three applicants (individuals and organizations) were selected as finalist. The selection process was challenging as all applicants demonstrated good practices for the safeguarding of ICH with their courage and lofty spirit. In the future, Jeonju will continue to honor those who have contributed to the safeguarding and transmission of ICH through this awards. We hope that the awards become the lighthouse of hope for all ICH holders, groups, and individuals who are striving to safeguard ICH. The awards ceremony will have a congratulatory performance of one of the awardees and open booths where visitors and citizens can experience various ICH outside at the same time. **Please see attached the document or visit the link below for more information http://www.cics.center/jiapich_2019/ TEL: +82-63-277-4098 FAX: +82-63-277-4097 Email: cics.center@gmail.com

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Title 2019 Jeonju International Awards Ceremony will be held in South Korea on September 27,2019
Start Date 2019-09-27End Date 2019-09-27

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