Traditional Mauritian Sega: The Talented Mauritian Music

Although the exact origins of the Mauritian Sega is up for debate, what is not questioned is the pure talent and vibrant performing art that is the Mauritian Sega. The self-expressive songs are often in Creole, using traditional instruments such as the Ravann, Triangle, and the Maravann. As Mauritian society is a multicultural one, the Mauritian Sega helps to alleviate the different cultures and classes to come together for one unified performance. The Sega songs are slow to start usually, with the tempo gradually increasing the singer often sings in Creole or their own language and people dance in short steps moving their hip and hand to the beat. The main practitioners are singers, dancers who transmit their skills through teaching and imitation. Traditional Mauritian Sega was inscribed to the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2014. References: ICH UNESCO, Wikipedia


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