2019 Asia-Pacific Youth ICH Storytelling Contest for Young Practitioners and General Youth

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ICHCAP is holding Asia-Pacific Youth ICH Storytelling Contest for young practitioners and general youth and the deadline for entry submission for the contest is October 15, 2019. Please visit the link below to enter your submission. http://www.ichcap.org/mc/application.php/ UNESCO prioritized youth as the main driver of innovation and change for sustainable development and emphasized youth participation. Especially, since intangible cultural heritage relies on community transmission, the role and participation of young people leading future generations is very important. Contents o A story on how future generations are transmitting specific ICH elements in the Asia-Pacific region o A story that conveys the importance of safeguarding and sustaining Asia-Pacific ICH and its transmission by future generations o A story on practicing, safeguarding, and transmitting ICH with community-based youth participation in the Asia-Pacific region Entry Qualifications: o Youth in the Asia-Pacific region (Born 1983-2001) Submission specification o Photo essay o Video content To see guidelines and requirements: http://www.ichcap.org/mc/index.php/ Reference: ICHCAP