Green Ivory - An Exhibition on Shola Craft of Bengal

1176 views · 07-18-2019 · banglanatakdotcom201

The project ‘Revival of Shola Craft Tradition of Bengal’ implemented by banglanatak dot com supported by The Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany Kolkata; is an attempt to revitalize the traditional art of Shola of Bengal. Shola (Aeschynomene aspera) is a milky white, delicate spongy plant found in the marshlands of Bengal. The pith of the reeds of the plant is used to make items of decoration. This exhibition Green Ivory is an attempt to showcase the variations that the craft offers and create a platform for discussing how the craft can be taken forward. The varieties of unexplored ritualistic, decorative and contemporary products of Shola will be showcased during the exhibition.

Venue : INDIA