Knucklebone shooting: embodiment of folk Mongolian national folk game

The technique of Knucklebone shooting demands high accuracy as well as precision and might seem somewhat similar to bowling, with the object of the game being to knock down more of the ankle bones than your opponent. During the shooting tournaments shooters communicate with each other not with words, but in a specific manner of singing of traditional "Knucklebone Shooting" melodies. Each tournament last for 2-3 hours depending on the scale and type of the competition. It demands high tolerance and endurance from competitors as they sit and rise up to 50-60 times as they compete, as well as maximum precision of sight and accuracy of fingertips performance. It is also a magnificent tradition that, in respect of their seniority, some elder players of 60-90 years of age are allowed to use their "Chavkh" or "Shooting bow". Team members are tied by unbreakable internal bonds and follow clear ethical rules of mutual respect and dignity. No conflicts and contentions can be tolerated within or between the teams as certain moral codes of lawful honors are strictly obeyed. References: ICH UNESCO, Khan Expedition (https://www.khanexpedition.com/en/post/knucklebone-shooting.html)


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