Kaustinen Intangible Cultural Heritage Seminar 2019 and Folk Music Festival (7/8/19-7/14/19)

Kaustinen Intangible Cultural Heritage Seminar 2019 The impact of Unesco nominations on community-based safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage – experiences and practices. Date: July 13th, 2019 Location: Folk Art Centre, Museosali, Jyväskyläntie 3, Kaustinen, Finland The seminar’s aim is to elaborate the role and impact of Unesco’s lists of intangible cultural heritage in safeguarding cultural heritage. What effect have nominations brought to practitioners in different Baltic and Nordic countries? What ways are there to promote good safeguarding practices? What role might NGOs take in the process? What kinds of threats or downsides are there in following the safeguarding framework of the convention? In the seminar we’ll hear presentations reflecting different ICH elements from Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Finland. Seminar is free of charge and held in English. Registration until 10th of July: anne.virkkala-harju@kaustinen.fi (Limited number of seats!) Kaustinen Folk Music Festival 2019 The seminar is a part of the Living Heritage Special Programme of the 52nd Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, 8.–14.7.2019. In addition to the seminar, the special programme consist of: -performances by music and dance groups representing elements nominated by Unesco or applying for nomination: Asmaa Hazaoui & Bnat Bimbouktou (gnawa, Morocco, tue 9. and wed. 10.7.), Suitu Dudenieki and Suiti Dance Group (Suiti, Latvia,fri 12. and sat 13.7.), and as always a lot of Kaustinen fiddling (to be proposed into representative list by Finland in 2020) all through the week! -presentations and participatory demonstrations of other ICH elements in Finland’s national inventory: Finnish sauna culture (representative list application 2019), Torne river traditional fishing, The forest relationship in Finland, among others. General information on the festival: https://kaustinen.net/in-english/

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Title Kaustinen Intangible Cultural Heritage Seminar 2019 and Folk Music Festival (7/8/19-7/14/19)
Start Date 2019-07-08End Date 2019-07-14

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