Chogan: Horse Riding Sport and Cultural Ambassador of Iran

Chogan has its roots from ancient nomads of Iran dating back to 1st century BC. Chogan has since spread throughout the world and is played in over 100 countries. Chogan of Iran is considered a national treasure as well as a sport. Spectators of Chogan bring their whole families to the occasion often cheering, dancing, and listening to the narrator of Chogan, The sport it self is rather simple, two opposing teams go on horsebacks and try to hit the ball from their mounted horses into the opponent’s goal post with wooden sticks. The spectacles surrounding the sport enjoy music, handicrafts, and narration. This unique nature of Chogan combining all the cultural identity of Iran in the midst of a horseback sport happening for the crowd is fascinating. Chogan has historically been part of a noble activity but in recent years, it has become more of a national sport that everyone can take part. The transmission process of Chogan happens within families of in workshops. The government of Iran has also been in support of Chogan techniques and rituals being safeguarded. The world knows of this sport as Polo but Chogan is much more than just a sport. It was inscribed to the UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list in 2017. References: ICH UNESCO, Wikipedia


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Venue : IRAN