Chidaoba: Art of Georgian Jacket Wrestling

As a Georgian proverb says: even a dog won’t bite a man who has fallen down. The wrestlers of Chidaoba learns about vulnerability and respect towards the fallen opponent. It is an old sport of Georgia as many in the country knows Chidaoba through social gatherings and festivals. Chidaoba is always accompanied by music, which is just as important as the distinctive jacket worn by the participants called “Chokha”. The participants can range from young kids all the way up to older folks who all participate in the hopes of defeating their opponent who are often similar in size and weight. Chidaoba is a form of martial arts but has lately become into an entertainment spectacle that is so often accompanied by crowds that gather for the festivities. The rules are simple, take down the opponent on their shoulders without over turning them. A single match lasts 5 minutes and if the clear winner is uncertain, judges decide on the winner on points they made throughout the match, usually giving the more aggressive participant the win. This beautiful form of martial arts that brings communities together was inscribed to the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2018. Reference: ICH UNESCO


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