Kurenti: Door to Door custom of Slovenia

From Candlemas to Ash Wednesday Kurenti practices of going from house to house to perform dances and form circles around the owners happen. The practice helps strengthen interpersonal bonds and is key to the regional identity of the communities concerned as it is believed that the noisy bell-ringing and brandishing of their wooden sticks chase everything evil away and bring happiness to those they visit. The Kurenti costume consists of sheep skins, girded with chains that hold huge cow bells, leg warmers and a headgear with horns or feathers, a pointed nose and a bright red tongue. It is the most distinctive among some 150 traditional costumes preserved in Slovenia. Kurenti was inscribed to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2017. Kurenti has been in transmission through regional communities, schools, workshops, and Federation of Kurenti Associations which oversees all of the processes. Kurenti knowledge and skills are most commonly transmitted within the family, but youngsters also learn from elderly members of the groups they are part of and schools and museums play an important role by organizing activities, workshops and contests. References: ICH UNESCO, STA(www.slovenias.SI)


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