Love Ballad of Malaysia: Dondang Sayang

The traditional Malaysian folk music Dondang Sayang is a collaboration of both the worlds, as Dondang Sayang is influenced by traditional Portuguese folk music. The typical Dondang Sayang consists of violinists, rebana players, and gong or tetawak players. The violinist usually play the primary parts of the Dondang Sayang as they provide counter melody to the vocal melody. The slow playing music is often about love or advice about love and kindness one should have for others. Inscribed in 2018 to the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO, Dondang Sayang is highly praised within Malaysia. Originally performed at the Royal Palace for ceremonial events, it has since carried over to local communities all through out Malaysia. Two singers of the opposite sex who perform in quatrains often perform this love ballad. The Dondang Sayang is open to everyone in the community regardless of age, sex, or gender as it conveys the message of being kind and loving each other. The Dondang Sayang art form is being improved through organizations and training of the youth by practicing singing and performance skills. References: ICH UNESCO, Wikipedia


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