The Lithuanian folk dance revival by the Lithuanian Ethnic Culture Society

Ethnic dance of Lithuanian folk dances were widely popular among the general population before World War II. Due do the suppression of traditional heritage during the Soviet occupation of Lithuania, the folk dancing took a down turn in popularity. Many decades later the folk dance tradition is back thanks in large part due to the Traditional Dance club established in Vilnius in 2002 by the Lithuanian Ethnic Culture Society, The clubs are run mainly to spread and promote the almost lost social function of folk dancing. The suppression during the Soviet occupation has not deterred the main spirit of the performance, as it has now spread all over Lithuania and other European countries as well. What started out in small clubs in cafes, small restaurants, and halls have moved into much larger venues and have become a festival surrounding the folk dance itself. The Clubs are open to everyone and participants are able to learn dances from various Lithuanian ethnic regions and musicians perform live music with accordion, bandoneon, violin. Now the traditional dance clubs run summer camps often performed outside while the participants reside in tents. These venues have many practitioners and performers come from all over Lithuania and throughout Europe as well. The main two factors that come to mind regarding the Lithuanian folk dance clubs are that it encourages a network of dance clubs to collaborate and the diversity of expression while at these events. The gathering of folk musicians, and those that want to see the folk dance revived has made this cultural activity a unique place of learning and participating in cultural activity. To See the reference, original story and more, please visit Nordic Safeguarding Practices Website below: https://www.nordicsafeguardingpractices.org/good-practice/reviving-folk-dance-in-lithuania/


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