Chinese Shadow Puppetry

Chinese Shadow Puppetry: The earliest forms of animation Chinese shadow puppetry has been known in china as one of the formal traditions that have entertained and displayed the social and dramatic history though puppetry. It was known to have cured a grieving emperor of losing one of his favorite concubine. The performers were able to sooth the pain of the emperor by having the faces of the deceased concubine played out in the form of puppetry. As the case, Chinese shadow puppetry can move hearts and mind of those that watches them. Thus, making them the best medium in exhibiting cultural ceremonies, religious rituals, funerals, weddings, and any other forms of entertainment. A talented puppeteers can make their art form run, dance, fight, laugh, sleep, and even die. The Chinese shadow puppetry is articulated through cut out figures, which are held against a source of light and a translucent screen in-between or against them. Just as a musical instrument needs to be played, these shadow puppets need to be manipulated in exactly the right motions to convey their messages. The master of Chinese shadow puppetry often needs to specialize in techniques such as improvisational singing, simultaneous manipulation of multiple puppets, and the ability to play other musical instruments. The masters of Chinese shadow Puppetry transmits their knowledge of this art form orally and on paper. Relevant skills are handed down, and their traditional values come along with it. The Chinese Shadow Puppetry promotes traditional values, entertainment, social and local customs to the youth. You can see Chinese puppetry using the link below: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6C6m3aKjzLk/ References: ICH Unesco website, Wikipedia, YouTube, Xinhuanet(www.xinhuanet.com),timeout (www.timeout.com)


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Venue : CHINA