Dear members of the ICH NGO Forum

Dear members of the ICH NGO Forum,

The Electoral Board is pleased to present the list of the eligible candidates for the 2023 elections of the Intangible Cultural Heritage NGO Forum Executive Board, for the following seats:

Eastern Europe; Latin America and the Caribbean, and Arab States.

Because the mandate of the member representing Africa will be finished this year, an election is held on an exceptional base to elect a member from Africa for a one-year term.

We would like to thank all the candidates for their interest and participation.

Candidates will be allotted a 10 minute period to present themselves and their NGOs, as well as the contribution they wish to make to the Executive Board, during a meeting scheduled with the members of the Forum on Monday 4 December between 6:00 pm

and 8:00 pm in a section reserved for the NGOs located in the………(to be determined).

The session will be chaired by the members of the Electoral Board.

Presentations will be accessible through Zoom, recorded and made available on the Forum Website and Youtube Channel.


The ICH NGO Forum will hold elections online, by secret ballot, between 8:00 pm

Monday 4 and 11:00 am on Wednesday 6 November 2023. The ballot will be sent by email to the person with signing authority

for the accredited NGO.

We remind you that there is only one vote per NGO and that each NGO can only vote for one candidate per region.

Otherwise, the vote will be canceled.

The candidate’s files (application form and CV) are available on a Google Drive, at the

following address: (to be determined)

We invite you to examine them in preparation for the elections.

We thank all candidates for their participation and we look forward to meeting you all in person or online

at Kasane, Botswana.

With our best regards,

The Electoral Board

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