Traditonal Korean Performance captured through immersive digital content- Jeokbyeokga by Yun Jin-cheol

553 views · 11-22-2022 · shinky

This service is the result of a collaboration between the Center for Intangible Culture Studies (CICS) and Korea Electronics Technology Institue (KETI) to carry out <3D performances of traditional Korean heritage performances and development of XR service platform technology>. This project is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea. The research aims to provide immersive content for traditional performances through high-quality digital data archiving, based on performances in the field, creating 3D performance and XR service platform technology development for the preservation of the original form of traditional performances and the creation of new non-face-to-face inventory services. The key elements of this research are 1) multi-sensor-based high-quality 3D data acquisition device for performers, 2) AI-based performance site high-quality 3D performance generation system, 3) digital archiving-based interactive XR service platform, which digitizes all performance elements of traditional performances as it preserves its original form and meaning. It maximizes audience immersion by providing new services linked with various digital immersive contents. As the pilot application content of the first stage of the study, the research results were applied to Jeokbyeokga by Yun Jin-cheol, a master singer. Visit to expierence the traditional immersive content: https://c11.kr/keti-virtual-3d-pansori