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All meetings will be held online. Please find attached the final programme of the ICH NGO Forum activities during the week of the 12th to the 18th of December.



The ICH NGO FORUM meetings during 16COM will all be held online.

Participants may access the meetings online at their convenience throughout the week by clicking on this Zoom link:


Meeting ID: 892 1142 4568

Passcode: 584051

(All times indicated are Paris time (GMT+1:00)


Saturday 4 December


Online workshop to present an overview of the 2003 Convention, the role of NGOs, the ICH NGO Forum and the programme and participation at 16COM.

The workshop is especially geared to respond to the needs and questions of the newly accredited NGOs, but we welcome all NGOs interested in keeping up with recent developments and wanting first-hand information to better prepare for 16COM.

French language session: 13h30-15h00 (Paris time) (Led by Laurier Turgeon and Sekou Berte)

English language session: 15h00-16h30 (Paris time) (Led by Jorijn Neyrinck and Janet Blake)

Spanish language session: 16h30-18h00 (Paris time) (Led by Jorge Gustavo Caicedo)



Sunday 12 December

ICH NGO Symposium

(UNESCO Zoom link for the Symposium to be announced shortly, with interpretation English/French)


Session on the mapping of expertise of NGOs (round table discussion)

Chaired by: Robert Baron (Société internationale d’ethnologie et de folklore / International Society for Ethnology and Folklore, SIEF) and Laurier Turgeon (Association canadienne d’ethnologie et de folklore / Folklore Studies Association of Canada, FSAC)



Presentation of the results and discussions on the mapping of expertise of NGOs by members of the Steering Committee.



Meeting of regional working groups on the mapping exercise to discuss the preliminary results of the survey and follow-up interviews, including sharing of expertise among ICH NGOs, views on periodic reporting and other UNESCO application forms, networking among Forum members and ideas about the future of the Forum.



Presentations of the reports of the regional working groups and their discussion on the mapping exercise.



Future Directions for ICH: Intellectual Property, Licensing and New Media

Chaired by Reme Sakr (Syria Trust for Development) and Sekou Berte (Mali Cultural Heritage Agency)


- Jorge Gustavo Caicedo (La Enciclopedia del Patrimonio Cultural, Mexico)

- Janet Blake (Persian Garden Institute for Living Heritage, PGILH, Islamic Republic of Iran) 

- Rune Fjellheim (Sami Council, Norway)

- Leticia Caminero (WIPO, Traditional Knowledge Division)

- Discussion and questions from the floor (20-30 minutes)



Presentation of the programme for the week

Laurier Turgeon (Folklore Studies Association of Canada, FSAC)



Monday 13 December



Meeting of the Working Group on Under-represented Regions

Chaired by Matti Hakamäki (Folk Music Institute, Finland) and Cholponai Usubalieva-Gryshchuk (Aigine Cultural Research Center, Kirghizistan)



Presentations of the candidates for the elections (Presentations will be recorded and made available on the Forum Website and Youtube Channel)

Chaired by the members of the Electoral Board: Patrizia Cimberio (International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey); Monika Tomingas (International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts, CIOFF); Ani Casimir Kingston Chukwunonyelum, (Centre for Peacebuilding and Poverty Reduction Among African Indigenous Peoples, CEPPER); Barbra Babweteera (Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda)


Tuesday 14 December



#HeritageAlive Meeting

Chaired by Eivind Falk (Norwegian Crafts Institute)



Meeting between members of the Steering Committee and Working Groups chairs to discuss how working groups can enhance and expand their activities, increase networking, develop their governance and collaborate more closely with the Steering Committee and the Forum. Interested members may also attend.

Chaired by Jorge Gustavo Caicedo (EPC) and Robert Baron (SIEF)



#ICHFutures : Traditional Knowledge Labelling and Indigenous Rights (Online, presentations will be recorded and made available on the Forum Website, Youtube Channel, and Facebook)

Chaired by Jorge Gustavo Caicedo (EPC) and Janet Blake (PGILH)


- Janette Hamilton-Pearce, Local Contexts, New Zealand, “Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expressions Labelling”

- Maui Hudson, ENRICH, Equity for Indigenous Peoples and Innovation Coordinating Hub, “ Indigenous Rights and Authority in the Archives ”.


Wednesday 15 December


Launching of #HeritageAlive on traditional musical instruments

Chaired by Eivind Falk, editor in chief of #HeritageAlive, and Jinyoung Seo of ICHCAP



(UNESCO Zoom link for the AGM to be announced shortly, with interpretation English/French)

ICH NGO Forum General Assembly

Chaired by Laurier Turgeon (Association canadienne d’ethnologie et de folklore/ Folklore Studies Association of Canada)


Draft agenda proposed for adoption

1.                 Opening

2.                 In memory of Albert van der Zeijden (Marco van Baalen, Director, Dutch Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage)

3.                 Adoption of the agenda

4.                 Adoption of the minutes of the ICH NGO Forum General Meeting in 2020 – see the minutes)

5.                 Report of the Steering Committee activities (December 2020 to December 2021)– see the document report) (Jorge Gustavo Caicedo and Laurier Turgeon)

6.                 Financial report of the Steering Committee – see document (Robert Baron)

7.                 Election of the new members of the ICH NGO Forum Steering Committee – proclamation of results by the Election Board

8.                 ICH NGO Forum Plan of activities for 2021 – see document (Janet Blake)

9.                 Resolution to have the current members of the SC to complete the mapping project

10.             Decision regarding article 21 of the Bylaws – see document (Hanna Schreiber)

11.             Other business

12.             Closure


Thursday 16 December



Meeting of the Working Group on the Overall Results Framework

Chaired by Ananya Bhattacharya (Contact Base, India)



Meeting of the Working Group on Ethics 

Chaired by Antoine Gauthier (CQPV)


Friday 17 December



Open Working Group meetings

Chaired by Martin Andrade Perez (Erigaie)



Meeting of the new Steering Committee

Venue : FRANCE