[ASK-Y] Session 4: Why Can't We Understand Each Other?

977 views · 11-18-2021 · ohkisik

November 22, 2021 — Following our previous session, "Why is the Earth Sick? | The New Disruptors: Climate and Environment," Asia Society Korea invites you to the fourth session of our Asia Society Korea Youth (ASK-Y) program on culture, entertainment, and media. 

Asia Society Korea Executive Director Yvonne Kim invites Bernie Cho, President of DFSB Kollective, Dr. Amareswar Galla, UNESCO Chair on Inclusive Museums and Sustainable Heritage Development at Anant University, and Shinwha Hong, Researcher at the Center for Intangible Culture Studies (CICS), to discuss culture as a moderating lens for relating to society and the world, and our behavior as individuals and nation-states. 

Through the lived experiences of global emerging leaders and experts across the cultural heritage and the entertainment industry, we explore the importance of cultural awareness on both micro and macro scales. The ASK-Y session will spotlight the unique role of youth as bridge builders for cultural exchanges and the importance of deep cultural empathy in cultivating global citizens.

This is a private session and a recorded video will be available on YouTube.

ASK-Y Speaker Graphic