Bistritsa Babi, archaic polyphony, dances and rituals from the Shoplouk region

Bistritsa Babi are an elderly/multi-generational female vocal ensemble carrying on the traditional dances and polyphonic singing of the Shopluk region of Bulgaria. Bistritsa Babi has been part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2005. The Bistritsa Babi sing at two or three voices, and in different pitches. “Izvikvat” – lead the song while “Buchat krivo” – keep a continuous sound. This makes the harmonic music of Bulgaria a unique sound. People dance the “Horo” dance holding each other the belts of their traditional costumes when they hear the songs. You can see people performing these songs and dances at the ritual of “Lazaruvane” when young girls go around the village collecting eggs. See the video on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=embqg-yKHNQ Reference Treasure quest https://heriquest.com/?p=37&l=2&c=9&id=288


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