Good practice from Norway: Dual-language, multi-ethnic storytelling

Good practice from Norway: Dual-language, multi-ethnic storytelling Oral traditions from Norway. Oral myths, fables, fairy-tales, legends are being told in Norwegian and in Sami. Because of the rapid pace of immigration leading to much more cultural diversity the oral tradition is changing. There are multiplicity of new story telling traditions. However these traditions are being looked over and their influence is not part of the larger schooling curriculum. Fortellerhuset, the storytelling house, was invited to the storytelling festival in Iran. It was told in English then translated by an interpreter. Audiences could understand oral traditions in a more playful and dramatic way by the performers with two languages. The storytelling was continued in Norway. Fortellerhuset had developed the performances, techniques and new two-language productions and it is being performed at libraries, schools and kindergardens. The aims of the storytelling begin to help people with non-Norwegian backgrounds to reconnect to their ancestors’ oral tradition and teach Norwegian language. The storytelling gives children with Norwegian cultural heritage a deeper experience of oral stories. It can also encourage teachers and those working with children to develop oral storytelling skills. Please visit the link below for a full story : https://www.nordicsafeguardingpractices.org/good-practice/dual-language-multi-ethnic-storytelling/


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