Webinar on “Crafting Resilience: Craft Communities and their Resilience as Embedded in the Traditional Knowledge: A Critical Component of Intangible Cultural Heritage” organized by ICOMOS India and NSC-Intangible Cultural Heritage

1419 views · 10-27-2020 · banglanatakdotcom201

Happy to share about the upcoming webinar “Crafting Resilience: Craft communities and their resilience as embedded in the traditional knowledge: A critical component of intangible cultural heritage” organized by ICOMOS India and NSC-Intangible Cultural Heritage as a part of ICOMOS International webinar series on 31st October’ 2020 from 11 am GMT to 1 pm GMT (4.30 to 6.30 IST). Four case studies from different parts of India with a historic perspective of crafts communities, their confrontation with disasters and the success stories of adaptations and movements of crafts revival across India will be shared Please register in advance at: https://us02web.zoom.us/.../tZYpf-qrpjkpG9Kt55DuM... The webinar will also be streamed live in Facebook page of ICOMOS India https://www.facebook.com/icomosindia

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