The 3rd Workshop of UNESCO Accredited NGO Association, Korea [UANAK]

1471 views · 04-03-2018 · hhyunah

The 3rd Workshop of UNESCO Accredited NGO Association, Korea [UANAK] The five UNESCO accredited NGOs in Korea gathered in Chungju for a workshop to share information and strengthen networks organized by WoMAU (World Martial Arts Union) on February 22, 2018. Due to the Pyeonchang Winter Olympic Games, the related organizations became very busy and many of them could not participate in the workshop. Each organization reported its activities throughout the year 2017 and had an apportunity to share its initiatives and knowledge. All seemed different but verified the common goal of safeguarding the intangible cultural heritage. They made sure to keep up the good work to build up capacities of the regional NGOs. They all agreed to take a good advantage of the web-board (ichngo.net), for activating networks, that CICS (Center for Intangible Culture Studies)has launched. The web-board is now being launched as a Beta version and being tested. It is believed that it would be a promising to boost networks both in accredited regional NGOs and non-accredited NGOs domestically and internationally. Another workshop is to be held in this September (2018) organized by Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation (FCHF). More fruitful talks for networking and safeguarding the ICH will be expected to be exchanged.