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Minutes of the Meeting of the Steering Committee held on 3 August 2022

1. Minutes of the Meeting of the Steering Committee held on 3 August 2022<br><br>2. 5. Pilot project with the LHU for the accreditations of NGOs from Latin America and Caribbean<br><br>3. 6. Final revision of the report on the mapping of expertise of NGOs and completion of infographics<br><br>

Report of the non-governmental organizations forum Decision: 15COM 6 LHE20 15 COM 6

1. Committee the report by the ICH NGO Forum on its<br><br>2. 1. The Committee examined the first re...

December 16, 2020

1. The Vice-Chair Jorge Gustavo Caicedo presents the main outlines of the report, which is available...

Resources for Scholars in Danger (Ukraine)

The American Folklore Society (AFS) has been working with member Iryna Voloshyna to assist colleagues in Ukraine who request cloud storage for backups of field research materials. We presently have over 50 individuals in Ukraine connected to a secure folder within a dedicated storage drive for this work. We've been working this week to expand our capacity for storage and security needs by working with a group of partners on this effort. If you have colleagues in Ukraine who need our support, they can reach out to us on this page: the page listed above ...



  Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage 9th General Assembly of States Parties ICH NGO Forum - Seminar 2022 Good Safeguarding Practices for Human Security


  Gbofe of Afounkaha, the music of the transverse trumps of the Tagbana community, a cultural heritage in need of safeguarding


  ICH NGO FORUM - Newsletter

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