Minutes of the Meeting of the Steering Committee held on 5 May 2021

1. • The Steering Committee will implement the following approach: review of the accredited<br><br>2. • The Steering Committee will provide a Monkey survey for approval next week and plans to<br><br>3. The Société Générale Bank in Paris has requested that the Steering Committee vote a resolution to<br><br>

2019 14COM Bogotá (INTERVENTION 14 December)

1. Let me first to address the issue of advisory functions that the Committee wishes accredited NGOs...

December 16, 2020

1. The Vice-Chair Jorge Gustavo Caicedo presents the main outlines of the report, which is available...

Online International Conference on the Craft of the Miller

In 2017, the craft of the miller was the Kingdom of the Netherlands’ first inscription on the Representative List of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. However, this craft is not unique to the Netherlands. By organising an international online conference, we aim to bring together wind- and watermill parties from all over the world to share knowledge and skills and develop an international network of millers and mill societies. Initially we intended to convene a conference in the Netherlands, but due to COVID-19 it could not take place. We decided not to wait until we can meet in person. Therefore we are organising an ...



  Announcement of the 2021 Jeonju International Awards for Promoting Intangible Cultural Heritage


  2020 JIAPICH Finalist- NGO Impacto of Mexico


  INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE for Sustainable Management of HISTORIC TOWNS in South Asia: Theory to Practice

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