January 06, 2021

1. Jorge Gustavo Caicedo, president, invites the members of the Steering Committee to take the floor and to present the goals they feel are important to achieve this year and that they would like to work on.<br><br>2. Butholezwe Kgosi Nyathi would like to continue putting together the ICH NGO Newsletter and to promote the activities of the Forum through social media.<br><br>3. The President of the Steering Committee will send a call to all NGOs to invite them to participate in an ad hoc working group with representatives from all regions to prepare a background note on the pros and cons of the application of article 21 of the Bylaws as requested by the General Assembly at its last meeting.<br><br>

2019 14COM Bogotá (INTERVENTION 14 December)

1. Let me first to address the issue of advisory functions that the Committee wishes accredited NGOs...

December 16, 2020

1. The Vice-Chair Jorge Gustavo Caicedo presents the main outlines of the report, which is available...

Khaen music of the Lao people

Khaen music of the Lao is played through a mouth organ whose pipes, often made out of hollowed out bamboo and put together to be blown to make sound. The mouthpiece where the air is blown by the player acts as a free reed creating audible vibrations that are perceived by the listener. The player also uses his or her fingers to guide the Nup holes that allow for different sounds to be derived. Khaen music is popular in all regions of Lao and is an integral part of village festivals and can be found played in traditional customary practices of the Lao people. Traditionally, Khaen of Lao is transmitted within families and local communities where the Khaen player learns ...



  Announcement of the 3rd annual Jeonju International Awards for Promoting Intangible cultural Heritage (JIAPICH)


  Art of crafting and playing Mbira/Sansi, the finger-plucking traditional musical instrument in Malawi and Zimbabwe


  Reggae groove kicks off 15th Intangible Heritage Committee session online

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