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SC Minutues. Meeting_ March 2022

1. In order to attend the meeting all working groups are expected to submit required documents, which include procedures for electing officers, a mission statement, the governance structure, an annual report of activities and an agenda of the work to be undertaken this year.<br><br>2. The committee will report on its progress to date and initial recommendations from the first phase of its work by late June at the extraordinary meeting of the Forum’s General Assembly which will be held in July.<br><br>3. 6. Steering Committee meetings with the Working Groups (12, 19, 26 April)<br><br>

Report of the non-governmental organizations forum Decision: 15COM 6 LHE20 15 COM 6

1. Committee the report by the ICH NGO Forum on its<br><br>2. 1. The Committee examined the first re...

December 16, 2020

1. The Vice-Chair Jorge Gustavo Caicedo presents the main outlines of the report, which is available...

2022 JIAPICH Application Open for Download

Dear ICH Community, The secretariat of Jeonju International Awards for Promoting Intangible Cultural Heritage (JIAPICH) welcomes the international ICH community to join the 4th annual Jeonju ICH Awards.  The awards are open to Living Human Treasures (practitioners), groups, communities, administrators, researchers, NGOs and those who have made substantial contributions for promoting Intangible Cultural Heritage. 2022 JIAPICH Plaque(s) & $30,000 USD will be prized to the JIAPICH Finalist(s). The 2022 Jeonju Awards for Promoting Intangible Cultural Heritage application is open for download at the website starting February 1.  Important Dates:February 1, 20...



  Resources for Scholars in Danger (Ukraine)


  Gbofe of Afounkaha, the music of the transverse trumps of the Tagbana community, a cultural heritage in need of safeguarding


  Publication of the Evaluation of UNESCO’s Action in the framework of the 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage

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