2020 Jeonju International Awards for ICH N

Privacy Policy

 Our "Privacy Policy" explains how our online information (related to Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH)) that we have collected is used safely and how the privacy of your personal information is equivocally protected. This "Privacy Policy" may need to be updated to keep pace with the changes as the Event Board website evolves.

I. Information we collect and store.

 Information we collect and store refers to all the contents shown on our web pages. We permit those who belong to UNESCO Accredited NGOs or ICH communities/groups/individuals and ICH experts to upload information. We provide information to users without cost for the purpose of sharing. This specialized purpose makes it easier to access our contents. You can copy the contents only for sharing and the promotion of ICH. The information we store is accumulated on our server and is provided anytime through our search tool. We strongly prohibit false information so we check its credibility along with the veracity of the content.

 We collect the real names and contact information of users when registering. Users should be aware that posts containing profanity, slandering of any kind, advertisement, falsification, or repetition of facts may be removed without a notice to the publisher.

2. How to keep personal information protected?

 We try to minimize the risk of revealing your personal information for security reasons, by filling in few categories at sign-up. We do not use your personal information such as your username or email address for any other purposes then to share it for ICH promotion on behalf of our members. Only permitted members from UNESCO Accredited NGOs, ICH communities/groups/individuals and ICH experts are available to upload their information. As the first singing-up occurs, one’s information is automatically sent to the administrator for identification and an email is sent back to you with permission making it possible for you to upload the information. The nation you select is only used for giving users more specific information about the origin of the content. Modifying and deleting your information as well as disclosing (signing out) your account is easily accessible all under the preferences.

Please Contact Us for more inquiries or directly email at icheventboard@gmail.com.


Last updated on January 11th, 2019