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Submission Dates: 1 Jan. ~ 31 March, 2019
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2019 Jeonju International Awards for ICH N

How To Upload

You have access to see the inventory lists, events, news, and ICHgram without an account, however, you must register for an account in order to upload any documents or to leave any comments

If you are a new to the website,

1. Please find the LOGIN at the top-right corner and sign up for a new account

2. Provide your name and contact information and select your affiliated NGO group or CGI (please register a new affiliation if needed)

3. After you sign up, you can login to the website and find UPLOAD at the same spot as the LOGIN on the top right corner

4. You now have access to upload

Choose the subject among News, Events, or ICHgram. You will experience a very simple process of uploading.

If you have more questions, please go to Contact Us (FAQ included).