2020 Jeonju International Awards for ICH N

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2. How can I newly register?

If you are not an UNESCO Accredited NGO, please register according to your ICH Community, Group, or Individual section which is called 'CGI'.

3. What is ICHgram?

ICHgram is the page to show others what you are doing for ICH safeguarding.
Every single experience of yours matters here. Please upload your experiences and share it with people around the world.

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CICS (Center for Intangible Culture Studies), an ICH NGO accredited by UNESCO
The office is located in:

285 Kwonsamdeuk-ro, Annex 1F, Dukjin-gu
Jeonju, Jeonbuk, Republic of Korea
 · Tel: +82 63 277 4098
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 · Homepage : icheventboard@gmail.com, ichngonet@gmail.com