2020 Jeonju International Awards for ICH N


  In order to promote information sharing and cooperation among the ICH community, there was talk of opening a global network site in which CICS (Center Intangible Cultural Studies) announced its intention to develop the platform that could serve as a network between all ICH communities. CICS presented the ICHNGO.Net, a platform serving all ICH NGOs and CGIs (community group individual). The site has the event board that updates from ICHNGO.Net users as well as the Web-Ich-Inventory system meant to make easier access to all ICH data base worldwide.

   ICHNGO.Net is an independent platform from ICHNGOFORUM.org. Our goal is to decentralize the database among the ICH community. As such we accept all ICH NGOs, and CGI community members. The biggest strength of the platform is the freedom from management of our database regarding the Inventory listing, which means there is no competition among the contributing ICHs. Inclusiveness of all information as well as having a non-biased objectivity means that the listing is our strength and it encourages cooperation and networking among the ICH NGOs. Unlike the “top-down” approach our “bottom-up” approach to listing ICHs help objectifying and targeting the essence of safeguarding ICHs.