• 1. As for the specific information related to our programme during 15.COM, it should be underlined in the communication in French (including in the Newsletter) that all participants will be able to use French.

    2. Desiderio and Nikolov will contact Gauthier to arrange technical details related to interpretation.

  • 1. Up to now, they did not receive any candidacy from Africa, while there is sufficient number of candidates from Asian and Pacific states, Western Europe and North America, and International NGOs. The daily timetable of the 15.COM has changed in the meantime (it will be from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. each day), so that we once again need to adapt our timetable while taking care, as much as possible, of different time zones of our membership.

    2. Until tomorrow morning at the latest, Caicedo is expected to draft our report on activities of the Steering Committee during 2020, while the rest of the material that needs to be distributed to the membership by tomorrow evening is ready (financial report by Choi, plan of activities for 2021 by Ceribašić, prolongation of a decision on exceptional basis concerning Art.

    3. On 13 November the members of the ad hoc working group and the Steering Committee have received from the Secretariat, represented by Fumiko Ohinata, the draft working document inclusive of our report.

  • 1. Following our report for 15.COM and its draft decision, as well as our plan of activities that was approved last year, the members of the Steering Committee have agreed that a special emphasis should be given to: a) advisory functions of NGOs to the Committee on specific thematic issues, including their more active contribution to the statutory sessions (through the Forum’s report and/or its interventions on specific agenda items); b) elaboration of ways and means to strengthen the network of ICH NGOs in under-represented regions, and to overcome unbalanced geographical distribution of NGOs accredited to the Convention; c) development of capacity-building material intended specifically for NGOs, carried out in collaboration with the Secretariat of the Convention (and depending on available resources); d) more active involvement of the Forum in the second cycle of regionallybased periodic reports and, more broadly speaking, in follow-up (reporting and monitoring) on inscribed elements; e) participation in the project “Culture Beyond Borders” guided by the Network of European Museum Organizations, NEMO (depending on whether the project will be accepted by the funding agendy).

    2. As for Art. 5 of the Bylaws, concerning the membership of accredited NGOs in the Forum, the members of the Steering Committee agreed that it may not need revision at this stage of the development of the Forum, even more so because the Secretariat has recently included within the accreditation and re-accreditation forms a question pertaining to NGOs’ membership in the Forum.

    3. As for Art. 21 of the Bylaws, concerning the incompatibility of serving in the Steering Committee and concomitantly in the official delegation of a State Party, Ceribašić has proposed to suggest to the General Assembly to prolong a decision on exceptional basis – the decision “to suspend the application of art.

  • 1. Sakr suggested to the Steering Committee, and members accepted, to invite Matti Hakamäki to present the objectives of the Forum’s working group in-the-making on geographical imbalance of accredited NGOs, as well as to invite additional participants representing African perspectives on ICH and resilience in crisis, such as Nyathi.

    2. It will include outcomes of 8.GA and the conference co-organized with ICHCAP, our report for 15.COM and other activities attached to 15.COM, as well as material related to our General Assembly during 15.COM, including our annual report, plan for the next year and information on the election of four new members of the Steering Committee.

    3. No less than four weeks prior to the General Assembly, the Steering Committee has to propose the agenda of the General Assembly, prepare and distribute through our website and by email the annual report on the Forum’s programmes, services and partnerships, annual financial report, and annual plan providing a framework for the Forum’s activities, presented both in English and French, while the General Assembly is in charge to examine and approve these two reports and the plan (cf.

  • 1. Caicedo provided an overview of the Forum’s two online sessions at which participants discussed programme of 8.GA.

    2. Apart from agenda items of 8.GA, in particular the reform of the listing mechanism, the role of NGOs in the Convention, and a new initiative to examine the accreditation of NGOs from non-States Parties, participants also discussed the functioning of the Forum, certain aspects of the online voting system, the sharing of best safeguarding practices, and the examples of good cooperation between NGOs and governments.

    3. As for the Forum’s more direct and more visible involvement in the work of 8.GA, it was realized through our statement, presented by Nömgård on 8 September in a form of a video message, and through our intervention on agenda item 11, related to the reflection on the listing mechanisms, which was read to the Committee by Fumiko Ohinata from the Secretariat.

  • 1. Members of the Steering Committee have agreed for the next Newsletter to be published in the mid November, a week or so after the conference on ICH and resilience, while before the start of the Forum’s programme attached to 15.COM.

    2. The central part will include reports from 8.GA, the conference on ICH and resilience and the IMP project, and also provide an overview of the Forum’s activities during 15.COM.

    3. As agreed upon at the previous meeting, the Forum’s programme for 8.GA will consists of two online discussion sessions.

  • 1.1 July 2020, MINUTES of the 8th meeting of the ICH NGO Forum Steering Committee

    2.Following the previously adopted plan (see minutes of the 7th meeting) and the current situation in Caicedo’s family, the members adopted a revised plan to broaden the number of online discussion sessions on ICH in emergencies and under COVID-19, planned in relation to the preparation of Forum’s report for 15.COM (see 6.b below), from one to several.

    3.In coordination with Nömgård, Ceribašić will present this revised plan to Matti Hakamäki, who is in charge of facilitating the work of the group dealing with emergencies and COVID-19.

  • 1.As a follow-up regarding the UNESCO’s platform on living heritage experiences in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jorge Gustavo Caicedo presented to the Steering Committee the draft call to all accredited NGOs to participate in a video presentation with Q&A on how the pandemic has impacted their activities, what are the measures that they are implementing to confront the situation, and what is the expectation of NGOs on the forthcoming future.

    2.At the moment, the first task is to complete the call, which will be done by Caicedo in a few days, then to sent it to all accredited NGOs, and then to form the actual online events which, depending on the responses, will stem from regional or thematic interconnections.

    3.The Steering Committee has received from ICHCAP the first draft of the Conference concept note containing the outline, background, objectives, provisional programme, and the list of responsibilities for each of the two coorganizers, ICHCAP and ICH NGO Forum.

  • 1.Following the conclusion at the previous meeting of the Steering Committee, Butholezwe Kgosi Nyathi has prepared application for the two side events of 8.GA that will be co-organized by the Forum: a session dedicated to the outcomes of the IMP project (in collaboration with the project), and a session on the wheel chart of sustainability and ICH (in collaboration with Finland).

    2.As the draft of the invitation letter was not prepared for this meting, the members of the Steering Committee agreed that Naila Ceribašić will join Jorge Caicedo in drafting the letter before the next meeting of the Steering Committee.

  • 1.The deadline for responses will be until 15 May. As members of the Committee also agreed upon, the topic of emergency under Coronavirus epidemic (including the mechanisms of ICH resilience, evidences of solidarity as never before, probable profound changes of the world in a long run, etc.) also needs to make a substantial part of the Forum’s report for the Intergovernmental Committee at the 15.COM.

    2.The Committee decided to stick to the plan of issuing the next Newsletter at the end of June or the beginning of July, with the focus on ICH in the context of Coronavirus epidemic, based on responses of our membership to the above mentioned call for sharing experiences and good practices.

    3.Meg Nömgård, Jorge Gustavo Caicedo and Naila Ceribašić had on 6 April a Skype meeting with Tim Curtis, Elena Constantinou and Leandro Peredo from the UNESCO Secretariat of the Convention.

  • 1.The material related to the recent meeting of the IMP project will be published in the next Newsletter, while this one will focus on the outcomes of ICH NGO Forum programme at 14.COM.

    2.Meg Nömgård informed the Committee about the outcomes of the concluding symposium of the ICH and Museums project, held on 26 February 2020 in Brussels.

    3.The members of the Committee also discussed to dedicate one of the sessions planned for 8.GA to the follow-up of the project (see below).

  • 1.Several hours before the meeting, Naila Ceribašić sent to the Committee the draft of the letter which is planned to be sent to all accredited NGOs.

    2.Nyathi and Caicedo suggested to include in the letter a short general information about the NGO Forum, especially thinking of the newcomers.

    3.The next day Ceribašić will send the letter to all accredited NGOs. Jorge Gustavo Caicedo contacted via Whatsapp the chair of the Group, Ani Casimir, to clarify the feasibility of a very ambitious plan of the Group for 2020.

  • 1.Butholezwe Kgosi Nyathi and Kaloyan Nikolov will work on this matter in close collaboration with Gabriele Desiderio.

    2.Until Friday, 24 January, all members of the Committee should send to Gabriele their photos and short biographies (up to 200 words) to be published on the Forum’s website.

    3.Afterwards, all summaries and received reports will be included in the Newsletter, and send to all accredited NGOs together with the information concerning the adoption of the Bylaws and the Code of Conduct.

  • MINUTES of the 1st meeting of the ICH NGO Forum Steering Committee
    Present: Jorge Gustavo Caicedo, Naila Ceribašić, Dong Hwan Choi, Butholezwe
    Kgosi Nyathi, Kaloyan Nikolov, Meg Nömgård, Reme Sakr
    until the next General Assembly of the ICH NGO Forum (as stipulated in art.
    the Bylaws): Meg Nömgård – Chair, Jorge Gustavo Caicedo – Vice-Chair, Naila
    framework plan of the ICH NGO Forum for 2020
    identified at the General Meeting of ICH NGO Forum on 12 December 2019:
    (vi) updating and adequacy of information available on ICH NGO Forum website and
    As for the main projects of the ICH NGO Forum, endorsed by the framework plan at
    the General Meeting of ICH NGO Forum on 12 December 2019, the members of the
    (i) ICH NGO Forum Capacity-building and Symposium on Saturday and Sunday
    3. ICH NGO Forum Intervention at 14.COM 15
    The members of the Committee discussed the draft prepared by Naila Ceribašić, and
    Committee on 22 January 2020, followed by their publication on the ICH NGO

  • Meeting Minutes – Steering Committee of ICH NGO Forum
    1- ICH NGO Forum financial report
    2- 14.COM NGO activity booklet
    6- Steering Committee 2018 activity report
    The final draft will be provided to the Steering Committee by 3rd December.
    3- Kaloyan will prepare the final list of the NGO 14.COM participants.

  • Meeting Minutes – Steering Committee of ICH NGO Forum
    Meg Nömgård, Naila Ceribasic, Dong Hwan Choi, Kaloyan Nikolov, Jorge Gustavo Caicedo
    a- Financial Report of ICH NGO Forum Association bank account
    a. Dong Hwan Choi will prepare the financial report to be presented at NGO Forum general
    requires a change in the agenda activities of the ICH NGO Forum to avoid a clash of
    c. Naila Ceribasic and Kaloyan Nikolav to prepare a digital booklet containing the agenda,
    timetables and reports of the ICH NGO Forum and its SC for 14.COM to be made
    d. Steering Committee yearly report to be prepared by Jorge Gustavo Caicedo.

  • Meeting Minutes – Steering Committee of ICH NGO Forum
    1- The minutes of previous meetings have been uploaded to the SC’s Google Drive file by Kaloyan.
    3- Expected NGO participants to 14.COM are 60-100 based on the number of participants from previous years.
    Capacity Building workshop to be held on the Saturday prior to 14.COM.
    A symposium for the Forum to be held on the Sunday prior to 14.COM (programme also
    NGOs attending 14.COM

  • Meeting Minutes – Steering Committee of ICH NGO Forum
    Meg Nömgård, Naila Ceribasic, Dong Hwan Choi, Kaloyan Nikolov, Jorge Gustavo Caicedo, Reme Sakr
    1- Meg Nömgård to connect with Gabriele in order to link ICH Ngo Forum website to
    2- Payment for Heritage Alive books is still outstanding.
    3- UNESCO HQ legal advisors to be consulted on the legal status of the ICH NGO Forum.
    5- Naila Ceribasic to assist in developing a decision-making process and Code of Conduct for the SC and
    Naila Ceribasic and Meg Nömgård to jointly follow up
    7- Jorge Gustavo to draft letter to UNESCO for permission to contact Colombia State Party to begin
    8- There is yet to be any communication with working groups concerning 14.COM.

  • Meeting Minutes – Steering Committee of ICH NGO Forum
    Jorge shall make contact with Latin American and Asian NGOs to get more participation.
    contact Dag and Laurier to confirm their membership to the Electoral Board as the first two members.
    3- Meg Nomagard shall also contact Laurier and Christiane who attended the Expert meeting in May and request a
    4- Following previous discussions regarding the likeability of NGOs to arrive early at 14.COM to attend the
    5- Contact has also been made with Daniela from Colombia regarding logistical issues for 14.COM, such as rooms,
    6- Jorge Gustavo shall begin preparing the newsletter to include four sections A) NGO Consultation meeting in
    Paris B) Expert Meeting in Paris C) 14.COM D) Other news

  • One scenario would be that candidates will only serve for one year instead of the
    On another note, current electoral rules state that candidates must have attended at least 2 IGC
    send the same person to attend these meetings and therefore, any alternate candidate from the same
    the candidate in their personal capacity, have attended at least 2 IGCs?
    Also, the maximum of two-terms for SC candidates applies for how long?
    two terms may a candidate re nominate themselves?
    Capacity Building project in Turkey, however, the Secretariat will not actively support the project
    3- Members of the SC agreed to incorporate capacity building activities within the 14.COM agenda for
    4- Meg will contact NGO representative who will take part in the expert meeting to be held at UNESCO in

  • Meg Nömgård, Naila Ceribasic, Dong Hwan Choi, Kaloyan Nikolov, Jorge Gustavo Caicedo,
    1. April 18th Consultation Meeting on the Role of Accredited NGOs
    Jorge Gustavo Caicedo shall contact the NGO and
    Ceribasic to prepare a presentation for Session 1 of meeting, and Jorge Gustavo
    Jorge Gustavo Caicedo shall request from Secretariat contact a meeting room for the
    Jorge shall prepare invitation to meeting for NGOs on 17th March 16:30-18:00.
    members shall meet before commencement of the NGO meeting, perhaps at 14:00 or
    4- Jorge Gustavo shall contact UNESCO Secretariat to provide a formal contact in
    upcoming ICH NGO Forum SC elections and perhaps arrange meeting with SC time
    To be discussed for 14.COM is a 2-day pre-meeting with NGOs before the
    Jorge Gustavo to provide Meg with the 2018 agenda for ease of reference.
    Naila shall prepare a call for participation to all NGOs for Kaloyan to transmit.
    6- Naila Ceribasic shall send an email to update all NGOs on April Consultation meeting.
    7- Naila Ceribasic and Meg Nomgard have made contact with the Turkish NGO.
    Jorge to request a meeting room.

  • Meeting Minutes – Steering Committee of ICH NGO Forum
    2- ICH NGO Forum website
    4- ICH NGO Forum account in France, and legal figure
    6- Governance of ICH NGO Forum

  • Meeting Minutes – Steering Committee of ICH NGO Forum
    Meg Nömgård, Naila Ceribasic, Dong Hwan Choi, Kaloyan Nikolov, Jorge Gustavo Caicedo, Reme Sakr (and
    2. ICH NGO Forum website
    4. ICH NGO Forum account in France, and legal figure
    6. Governance of ICH NGO Forum
    7. International events proposed by NGOs “Traditional Art Association” (Turkey) and “Oral Traditions Association”
    1. According to rules pertaining to the election of members of the Steering Committee, “NGOs presenting
    are present at the Forum General Meeting can be elected Committee members.
    Development, who was elected at the Forum General Meeting during 12.COM.
    2. ICH NGO Forum website needs to be improved concerning the organization of sections, the availability,
    4. For operational reasons, ICH NGO Forum bank account was established through an organization called
    “Association Forum des ONG du PCI – ICH NGO Forum” located in Paris, and the members of the
    Association are members of the ICH NGO Forum Steering Committee.
    more so because in the current composition of the Steering Committee no member is located close to
    Each member of the Committee will work on developing the network in his/her electoral
    relationship between ICH NGO Forum as a whole, State Parties and the Secretariat, along with legal
    7. The Steering Committee was approached during 13.COM by representatives of the NGOs “Traditional
    organize during 2019, in collaboration with the ICH NGO Forum, international events of relevance for
    8. The SC has deemed it necessary to begin general preparations of ICH NGO Forum programme for
    UNESCO, attended activities by the ICH NGO Forum.

  • NGO Forum Steering Committee Skype session
    present: Ananya, Reme/Fares, Jorge, Jorijn (minutes)
    3. Statement = to be discussed on General Meeting of NGOs on Monday evening, and
    Jorge will be in touch with Gabriele and prepare communication for next days and
    5. Week Schedule NGO Forum:
    - Open Space for NGO presentations (evening sessions on Thursday and Friday)
    GA + Jorge on schedules for NGO Program 13COM > Reme brings together
    > Jorge coordinates with Gabriele for sending ASAP newsletter out
    7. Wednesday at Lunch: regional Group meetings

    Next SC meeting scheduled for 14/05/2018
    Order of communications to Forum via email:
    - Ananya will add last details to call for NGO presentations at
    to discuss the results during the Forum meeting.
    - Newsletter is almost ready, Jorge to translate to French.
    Treasurer duties, as well as a general inactivity in SC meetings.
    Jorijn to email member with SC in copy in order to officially
    - Election Board have begun their work with only 2 members.
    - Ananya will email Election Board to enquire whether they
    NGO workshop to discuss inter-alia role of NGOs to be
    8 7GA Ananya to coordinate preparation regarding NGO presentation.
    Jorijn to coordinate communication with Secretariat.
    9 13.COM Ananya to communicate structure of NGO symposium and the

  • JC: Open an ICH and Youngsters working group with the help of Dr. Stephanie Herold who has
    JC: Outline a Budget for NGO Symposium, but we need to outline the scope of the ICH NGO
    J: We can discuss that in the general meeting with the NGO´s in Mauritius
    J: Make a Call to to accredited NGO´s to add concepts to the “Inter alia” definition
    JC: Tim open in Jeju an opportunity to define the scope of participation of the accredited NGO
    A: Make a draft of the Symposium, and the Call to NGO´s
    JC: We need to encourage participation as well as we recognize Gabriele effort in all this years,
    J: Will send a mail to Gabriele, the Korean and Jorge to open this discussion on IT

  • present: Léonce, Antoine, Diego, Jorijn, Joanne, Ananya, Magdalena
    meeting on Day 1 , SC candidates will briefly introduce themselves
    Ananya will send two lines on content for newsletter on NGO
    3)Ananya will send bilingual banner design to Jin for printing - if it is an issue
    9) Jorijn to send out newsletter next week

  • present: Léonce, Antoine, Diego, Jorijn, Ananya
    - other questions: were decided at the 11COM NGO meeting, so can just be followed as
    2. Showcase / Welcome session on NGO Forum @ 12.COM,
    In this event, we wish to present on one hand NGO Forum in general + on other
    hand offer space and occasion to individual NGOs to present their own contributions to ICH work and
    -> Situation: Jorijn explains (cfr email this week) she would rather not be the coordinator/organizer of
    The work is redirected: Ananya is first contact point in charge of this moment, and Diego will assist.
    1. fill out the form for side event (see email UNESCO forwarded by Jorijn )
    and send it back to UNESCO + communication on this with Secretariat > Ananya (& Diego and jorijn
    3. Prepare a communication/ call to individual NGOs to bring their own material for that moment
    + then send a call via email to all NGOs registered at 12COM (via a newsletter/Gabriele?) >
    8. - Diego made point on NGO Forum at UNESCO executive board; + asked UNESCO NGO Liaison
    committee to publish information note on the activities of the ICH NGO Forum
    In view of working group at 12COM, Antoine started with exercice on the UNESCO 12 principles to be

  • present: Léonce, Antoine, Diego, Jorijn, Joanne, Ananya
    2. The point on review on accreditation process was discussed.
    Antoine pointed out that work of NGO
    4. Diego will contact Indonesia about their support for CAP.
    8. Jorijn will also work on the newsletter.

  • There will be table space for NGOs to share material.
    4. The annual plenary meeting in the evening will have report of SC 2017 and discussion on Forum
    5. The regional working group meeting on December 5 aims at developing regional networking of
    7. Editorial Board meeting for # Heritage Alive will be scheduled on Dec 7 – 8-30 am – 9-30 am
    NGO Forum
    I have suggested that 50 are kept for SC/ NGO Forum
    A regret note mentioning the three deaths of ICH NGO Forum members will be prepared.
    Jorijn is meeting Tim on 28 Sep
    Ananya will make a short note on the Working group meeting for the newsletter by end of this
    Antoine has already shared the forum statements.
    Antoine to share on his ideas on NGO Ethical Declaration
     Jorijn- Update on meeting with Secretariat, CAP
     NGO Forum speech

  • ICH Forum Steering Committee Skype Meeting
    Report on August 3 meeting (13h Paris time)
    a. A newsletter regarding registration has been sent to over 1000 NGO
    a. A Steering Committee member will likely be invited to each meeting in
    Capacity building (wrap up of the previous event + regional
    Ethical declaration for NGOs (document Antoine + working group
    6- Next meetings
    6- Next meetings

  • Minutes of ICH NGO Forum SC Skype meeting
    1 Minutes of previous meeting April 11 2107: approved
    deposited on the Societe Generale bank account of the association, which is now operational.
    Magdalena (President), Jorijn (General Secretary), Diego (Treasurer) have collective two by two
    - Good participation in quantity and quality (Ananya by Skype, Joanne, Jorijn and Diego for the SC),
    - Harriet Deacon fees and expenses, still to be finalized; during the Paris workshop and to be paid out
    - Jorijn will inform ICHCAP after the Paris workshop (Contact : Mr Hu, Director), of the developments
    - SC Committee discussed and approved the general points proposed verbally by Antoine, which are
    iii) recall the proposal made in Korea to have an International ICH Observatory composed inter alia of
    8. Paris: May 15 2017 SC meeting with the Secretariat
    - Diego and Jorijn, Joanne getting in too late in Paris
    Date proposal for next SC meeting: June 21 - 1pm Paris time

  • ICHNGO Forum Steering Committee Skype Meeting – March 15th 2017
    No news yet on June meeting regarding measuring the success of the convention (global
    Some Steering Committee members (Jorijn, Ananya and
    Antoine) plan to be present in China for the meeting.
    7- A meeting with the Convention Secretariat will be proposed soon together with
    in Paris in UNESCO’s headquarter from 18th of April.

  • ICHNGO Forum Steering Committee Skype Meeting – March 15th 2017
    No news yet on June meeting regarding measuring the success of the convention (global
    Some Steering Committee members (Jorijn, Ananya and
    Antoine) plan to be present in China for the meeting.
    7- A meeting with the Convention Secretariat will be proposed soon together with
    in Paris in UNESCO’s headquarter from 18th of April.

  • Minutes form Skype meeting SC ICH NGO Forum 17/02/17
    3. Letter to Steering Committee (SC) from IOV offering to substitute retiring SC member with
    received for the Election Board, but no nominations from Eastern Europe, Arab, Latin American and
    ASIA and PACIFIC, Ms. Hahm, Hanhee, NGO Center for Intangible Culture Studies (,
    - Mr. Lluís Garcia Petit, NGO Ens de l"Associacionisme Cultural Català, Spain,
    This Election Board will organise the elections for the next Steering Committee during the 12.COM
    The preparations for a two day capacity building workshop for ICH NGO’s is going well and dates have
    Building Workshop in Korea provisional dates 1-3 Dec with a proposal to replace the ICH NGO Forum
    symposium with the workshop followed by networking events throughout the 12.COM week with + see Decision 11.COM:
    and the NGO Forum"s enthusiasm to participate to this open workshop with some of our members

  • 2. Election Committee: An email will be sent to members of ICH NGO forums asking for
    3. Website and newsletter : Newsletters and all documents and reports from 11.COM to be
    published in the ICH NGO Forum website by end January/early February.
    · Follow up email for support will be sent to UAE by Diego.
    · Jorijn has sent elaborate email on capacity building projects to the UNESCO Secretariat.
    Members of ICH NGO Capacity Building Working Group and delegate from Indonesia.
    Database on ICH NGOs will be targeted prior t o 12.COM.

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